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Who we are

COLLECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS /kəˈlɛktɪv. kəmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/
noun: a cooperative enterprise created to redesign the environment in which Marketing & Communications services occur.

Clients benefit from our engagement process, which produces the most valuable creative Marketing & Communications products available to local businesses. The creative consultants that form this cooperative are either employed or self-employed in their own specialisation, e.g. graphic design, photography.

By coming together as a cooperative, consultants have freedom to offer truly inspired creative Marketing & Communications products without the administrative burden that accompanies employment or business operations.

Our work

These client-focused projects are built from aspects of ‘The Parts’ and ‘The Machine’.
Let us know if you want to see examples of other work. I’m sure we’ve got some extra bits of brilliance lying around somewhere.


Refund Express Key Messaging Campaign

Our mission was to create a suite of emails and website landing pages to help Refund Express achieve an increased return from their tax time efforts. We decided to help them work smarter (not harder) by building campaigns that focus on their ideal clients.

PaperAir Campaign: Market Introduction

Our mission was to introduce the PaperAir range of scanners to market through social media ads, linking back to the PaperAir web store. We had a lot of fun with the videos and photography on this project.

BEC Business Advice Website Development

Our mission was to streamline readability, improve operation by both visitors and administrators and deliver an attractive User Experience and Interface (UI/UE). Three BEC sites were combined into one, and in-house processes were improved using effective plug-ins.

What’s on

This is where we share the bits and pieces life is made of. Sometimes it’s related to our business and the work we do. Sometimes is about our personal lives, friends, families, charities we’re involved in, causes we align with…or just some fun we’ve gotten up to.


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