Getting started

All of the folks involved in this venture have a lot of experience working with each other, and we’re keen to get this cooperative off the ground. Excuse developments with the website in the meantime – we’ve got some pretty cool stuff coming.

We’ll no doubt have the schmick-est logo and some great content showing what we can do. Once we’ve got some of the goodies designed, we’ll also grow into our big-boy website pants and start playing with some interactive media functionality.

Working with the team we’ve got, the possibilities of what’s-to-come are very exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing what this provides to our clients, our consultants, local businesses and the general community.

Our clients will get the best from each specialist, all packaged together into one project. Managing it on their own is costly, in terms of dollars or time they have to coordinate things themselves – kinda like project managing your own house being built.

Our consultants get constant inspiration from working with other passionate creatives, and they’re not limited by the guidelines of an employer. Local businesses; start-ups, micro, small, mid-sized and large get access to a total communications package without having to pay the rates that media houses with massive overheads charge.

And if they’re just a small account, the kind that typically gets baseline creativity and customer service from the media houses, they can finally have access to inspired creativity, dedicated customer service and a solid chance to get business through the door – all without breaking the bank.

The community – well, that’s all of us. That’s us. That’s you. That’s our kids, their sports teammates, their coaches, their classmates, their cousins. Whether we need professional opportunities now or later in life, Collective Communications is a way to work and pay the bills while being able to love what we do for that dollar.

We can take more on, or less on, go on holiday, dedicate a solid week to campaign design, rolling out a CRM e-newsletter or brainstorming with clients over a round of golf. Personally, I like a sleep-in now and then to work at night…when the creative juices are flowing. This is going to be good.


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