Are you good with…you?

The premise of this article is certainly something I agree with. “You have a personal brand, whether you want one or not.”

I think we’ve all come to terms with this sometime between high school and now. It’s probable that all of us have gone through trial-and-error, made changes or learned to care less about how we appear to others. An astonishingly large contingent have managed various appearances, each based on the audience.

All things considered…each audience perceives your existence as your personal brand. How do you feel about that? Do you enjoy feeling like your surroundings aren’t fluid enough to deal with whatever version of you appears on a given day?

The article goes on to mention that we can work on our personal brand instead of doing things like watching TV in the evening. Generally speaking, doing things that make us money instead of doing things that don’t.

For me, the jury’s still out on this one. For instance, I spend time with my kids and cooking in the evening. *I love to cook* They don’t make me money…quite the opposite. And honestly…I’m very comfortable with that as my brand.

Maybe clients want to know that we will work for them at the drop of a hat, at all hours, day-in-day-out, as a priority over our families. Well, those aren’t our clients.

We’ve got more to offer than “doing stuff.” Instead, we do things smarter and we know that our creativity is worth doing tomorrow at 9am instead of tonight during dinner. Life inspires us, and it inspires your clients.

Our personal brand will bring the clients that value work-life integration and a healthy existence at home and at the office…and we’re good with that.

Read John White’s (Inc. Magazine) full article here – You Have a Personal Brand Whether You Want One or Not


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