Big signs in small towns

In today’s marketing world, with the ease, affordability, transparency and effectiveness of digital communications, print media doesn’t get a whole lot of attention as the “go-to” marketing activity for small businesses…compared to previous eras. Yes, the chronology of marketing & communications has eras.

Most of my university education in the US focused on communications tactics suited to large organisations, international companies and national campaigns. With forces that large, brand recognition is key. Products like billboards, signage, newspaper ads and TV commercials go a long way to increase the amount of people places like, let’s say Harvey Norman, get through the door.

But what about regional Australia? What works best in a place like the border region of Albury-Wodonga? My experience shows a massive emphasis on relationships, reputation and delivery on expectations. There’s an obligation to maintain a positive presence within the business and general community by being an active participant. So that’s what we’ve done.

Say hello to our new sign in recognition of sponsorship to the Margaret Court Tennis Centre. Members of Collective Communications play there, our families play there…even some of our clients-to-be play there 😉

For us, this achieves brand recognition in a place where word-of-mouth is key. Brand recognition in the right place is gold. Another sign on the street, is another sign on the street…it gets lost. Our sign here shows our commitment to maintaining a positive presence in the community, supporting local sport, social activities and our Collective family getting out there to have a go.

They put on a mean BBQ with beers on comp night too.

*PS – Congrats Jordy for winning the 14/Under girls Sportspower comp on the weekend. Well done!


One thought on “Big signs in small towns

  1. I like your choice of venue. This facility promotes a camaraderie among friends, coworkers, business associates, and sports enthusiasts; not to mention, it offers a great family environment. Kudos on showing what is important to your business.


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