Christmas kindness in competition

As a few of you may or may not be aware, Collective Communications just completed the 72 hole Longest Day 2017 challenge to raise money for Cancer Council research projects. My hope is that most of you ARE aware of this due to the suite of coverage our PR exercise has managed to garner.

Of course, massive thanks to anyone and everyone who’s shared info about the event – but today, I want to give a special thanks to Sue at Lightbulb Consulting.

She looks after the Wodonga Golf Club newsletter, Around the Club, (link) and was kind enough to cover Collective Communications’ participation to share with The Golf Club member community. This all happened at the 11th hour as the newsletter was less than 48 hours from circulation.

Newsletter Header

As it’s typically no voluntary enjoyment to add features to a publication at the last minute, it was a special surprise to see our efforts covered so extensively. Unfortunately, there was a minor typo – the misspelling of our Director’s name…’Brant’ instead of ‘Brandt’.

We got in touch with Sue and asked her to change this even though it had already been circulated to members. Of course it’s something we would all love to do as we’re on our way out the door to Christmas holidays.

Sue, with a smile, and possibly some inaudible grumblings to herself, put in the extra effort to make the change and reissue the newsletter. This would of course serve the interest of her client, The Wodonga Golf Club.

Newsletter featureWhat gets the enthusiastic nod of approval from us is that it also served the interest of Collective Communications – a direct, local competitor of Lightbulb Consulting. The least we can do in return is to say Thank You! – and do it publicly.

So, thanks Sue! You’re the embodiment of Christmas spirit and the selflessness found in our Wodonga business community. Good work, solid customer service and building a robust business community are the reasons we do what we do at Collective Communications.

We’re happy to say that we’re very impressed with the way you’ve displayed the same values. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you!

PNG_Full Logo_Christmas


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