Facebook Organic Content Test

Many have been made to tremble in fear of the changes to Facebook business organic algorithms that were recently implemented. We were warned that the changes would recreate a “digital hell” for small business owners and marketers.

Well, the changes are here, and it looks like the warnings may not have been far off the mark…for marketers anyway. Luckily for us, we’re in the business of Communications instead of mere marketing.

As Communications professionals, we focus more on content and communication methods that our audience considers valuable…resulting in relationships. Marketers concentrate on messages that their clients consider important, and delivering the client message in ways that *fingers crossed* the target audiences will too…resulting in sales.

I mention this because the purist marketer will likely struggle with these new algorithms if they intend to build engagement for their clients through organic posts.

Links to external sources, shares and re-posts of non-original material won’t go far.

Honestly, I’ll link to this blog from a Facebook post, and it probably won’t make it as far as a direct upload of genuine content. Look at the difference in the images below!

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A direct upload to Facebook of a 45 second video reached 576 people with nearly 90 minutes of total watch time. The result included nearly 130 likes, shares, reactions, comments and clicks. This is huge in relation to the other test posts.

Pasting the video via a link to its YouTube home only made it to 88 people’s’ timeline with 9 associated actions.

The post that’s been around the longest is the Collective Communications share of the ad. This was a client’s paid ad, which played in full alongside the client’s ad messaging – 13 people reached, 18 total activities – LOSER!

So, what’s the result? Purist marketers will have to try harder. This goes for the business owners who have gotten by just “having a crack” up to this point. You and your receptionist will have to learn a bit of communication theory to post effective, organic content.


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