Client engagement

#1 – Talking to us is easy

We’ll come to you. We’re local, so a discussion at your place, or at a cafe near you, is no problem. As Marketing & Communications professionals, our goal is to understand yours.

#2 – It’s about you

This initial discussion is a targeted Q&A about your business goals, what Marketing & Communications methods you currently use and the gaps that exist between the two.

Since we’re a collective organisation that doesn’t need to justify the existence of employees, your input guides this discussion. Instead of a focus on packaging your needs to our capabilities, we scale up and down fluidly to customise our efforts to your goals.

Plus, we’re not salespeople…you don’t have a bring a stick for fending off pitches.

#3 – The process

People like surprises on Christmas and birthdays – so our intention is to discuss plans for progression up front.

You’ll get a road map that shows what happens before you’re asked to pay for anything.


We’ll shout you a coffee for the introduction. Our brains work better on that stuff, and we don’t like to drink alone.

You’ll also get a free gap analysis report, including SWOT analysis, after our chat. That’s right, we’ll go away and do some work that you don’t have to pay for.

Marketing & Communications activities generally yield a result. We’ll help you understand why the activities you’re currently engaged in (do or don’t) give you the results you’re after.

Are we Foreal?


It sounds too good to be true BUUUUT the reality is that there’s probably A LOT of room for improvement in the value you get from Marketing & Communications efforts.

Whether it’s purpose-built strategies, lower cost or a better understanding of your return on investment (ROI) – there’s likely a way that you can better align your business’s goals with its Marketing & Communications activities.

We’d like to point you in the right direction – and shout you a coffee to say ‘thanks’ for the chat.