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Content that engages your readers!
Win more business without sounding like a salesman!

Do you write content for your readers that makes you cringe a little bit? You’re not alone.

There’s no law against being passionate about your business. But what’s your reaction when someone tries to sell to you?

I’m always getting phone calls and emails that say they’re not selling anything…but I know they are. Why contact me then?

It’s something called content marketing, and it can work for you too. We just have to figure out what it is you’re REALLY selling.

To the potential customer, your product may look like: security, trust, safety, ease, efficiency, etc. So let’s tell them about that.

Let’s make it happen for you!


FREE initial consultation – COFFEE is our shout

  • 3 month sign-on package ensures consistency
  • Additional month-by-month option
  • Approve all content before going live
  • Includes monthly content brief
  • Covers web design, e-newsletters and strategy


Client engagement process – HOW and WHY this works

We’ve built an end-to-end process that ensures your content hits the mark.

IF you currently create content yourself, you’re probably spending a fair amount of space focused on you and your product.

IF you pay someone else for your content, they likely just do what you ask with minimal creative, or strategic, input…and still charge you the same price they would IF they actually added any value.

The three month initiation period allows us to get to know your business – what marketing you’ve already done, the results, your business goals, what your current clients look like, what clients you want more of.

We put together a strategy with a real engagement plan. Our goal is to help you understand that your business will prosper by giving away your best product for FREE…your expertise.

The process includes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you’ll need to send an e-newsletter each month, along with evaluation of its results. We even build the landing pages for your website.

If you don’t have a CRM, we’ll get one for you. All you need is a list of recipients.