BEC Business Advice Website Development

BEC came to us for help with more than just a website. They already had three that all looked exactly the same – dated, redundant and value-less to the viewer. Our mission was to build a website that amalgamated the useful parts of the three existing sites and deliver value to both the viewer and administrators.

The website really flows from one section to the next, making the journey from “your business type” to “relevant training” to “get in touch” extremely intuitive. We integrated a calendar system that helped create consistency in event information, client bookings and relevance across the site.

The calendar functionality also allowed BEC administrators to manage client details, take payments and easily create & display new events without extensive development…without any development or coding at all really.

Visit the site yourself – CLICK HERE


Click on the images below to view key content from each section

Here’s a taste of the stock and portrait images professionally photographed for the website. We felt that great genuine photography would give BEC the approachable, credible, helpful look that they were after.

The real photographs of the business and its people add to the credibility of their message – plus they look great on a website!

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