Refund Express Key Messaging Campaign

Refund Express was very active in their marketing efforts when we met. Surprisingly, all of their broad-scope marketing efforts only targeted a single audience. Tax filers…pretty much everyone.

The idea of creating multiple messages, that are each crafted to attract a much more specific segment of the market, wasn’t a concept explored by their existing agencies. Our THREE targeted emails were designed to lead segment to FIVE landing pages.

Click on the images below to view key content from each.

Landing Pages

You’ll notice slight differences in the language used to deliver key messages and call-to-action. Major changes appear in the images used and the type of motivation we used to appeal to each audience’s behaviour change.

Email campaigns

Key messaging and motivation for the audience’s behaviour change carried over into the emails. Including the mobile appstore in each of these emails gives Refund Express the opportunity to measure which audience(s) are keen on mobile app convenience.