Social Media Pack! Anniversary Special

Reach your target audience with social media!
It doesn’t have to be scary OR costly!

Have you recently been scared away from advertising your business on social media? You’re not alone.

YES – there have been a lot of changes to Facebook algorithms. YES – greater expertise is required to use social ads effectively. YES – they are still an effective way to reach your target audiences.

But how do I know it’s going to work? Why is it better to spend my money there instead of in other advertising?

Communications experts (like us) know that advertising is a game of T’s – Theory Trial Transformation.

This is an effective, affordable way to build an ad campaign for your business – with ads that work.

Let’s make it happen for you!


FREE initial consultation – COFFEE is our shout

  • 3 month sign-on package ensures feedback
  • Additional month-by-month option
  • Approve all ads before going live
  • Includes monthly report and evaluation
  • Covers images, design, copy and strategy


Client engagement process – HOW and WHY this works

We’ve built an end-to-end process that ensures your ads hit the mark.

IF you currently run ads yourself, you’re probably spending a fair amount to put your business in front of the wrong audience.

IF you pay someone else to run your ads, they likely just do what you ask with minimal creative, or strategic, input…and still charge you the same price they would IF they actually added any value.

The three month initiation period allows us to get to know your business – what marketing you’ve already done, the results, your business goals, what your current clients look like, what clients you want more of.

We put together a strategy with a real sales funnel, with real numbers, and a clear path on how your ads will produce the outcomes your business needs.

The process includes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you’ll need to run an ad set each month, along with evaluation of their results. The only thing not included is the extra money you’ll probably want to throw at ad space once you see the growth you’re after.