Who’s comin’ with me?

Director of Marketing & Communications | Brandt JohnsonSay Cheese!

My role is to coordinate each project’s strategy, content generation and product development to ensure consistent messaging and application. My background and formal training in Public Relations, Communications and Journalism gives me all the tools and knowledge I need to accommodate any client’s needs.

Experience on large, local, well-known, successful campaigns with varied communications methodologies, goals and implementations demonstrates my ability to deliver to clients’ expectations.


The people I work with are brilliant and incredibly creative. My vision is to remove the ’employee’ tasks that ordinarily limit their creation and let them do what they do best…what they love – to create.


Professional Photography | Various Specialists

The picture-makers in the collective have varied specialites. Some are most experienced with images that support print and digital media, some work best with product still-lifes. All of them are reputable, local and well known as successful professionals in the area.

As photographers motivated by the desire to capture “the moment,” you can count on your images being genuine. Whether they’re for custom web banners, social media ads or for a media release, you can be sure your photos have inspired the photographer.

If I’m inspired by the shots, imagine what they’ll do for your audience.


Graphic Design | Amy Robinson Design

Amy is an incredibly talented graphic designer with significant successes in creative branding, posters, advertisements, invitations and the many materials that accompany them. She excels at making your brand package of stationary and name tags and business cards WAY more exciting than it sounds.

Amy is the Adobe Certified Associate National Champion of 2014, and continues to visually express key messages in her design. She’s the brain behind Collective Communications branding and design, proving that even a small business can get its hands on some impressive branding.

I’ve worked with this team on projects before, and we get some really impressive work done together. We inspire each other and that makes amazing things happen.


Interactive Media Creation | Jared Press

Jared is a Marketing & Communications professional second, and a visual arts enthusiast first. Largely self-trained, Jared’s successes stem from a passion to learn and excel in cutting-edge methods of using creative technology.

From immersed GoPro footage and stunning aerial drone shots to attention-grabbing visual effects animation and professional web design, Jared consistently solidifies his passion and skills into impressively-delivered products. He’s only ever satisfied with his work when he’s managed to impress himself.

I’d say 99% of my skills are self-taught, learning through experience and fun cases of trial-and-error. The formal qualifications help organise the chaos of creativity into market-share-gaining masterpieces.


Community Engagement Specialist | Michelle Wilkinson

Michelle has an incredible amount of local experience testing programs through focus groups and community engagement settings. She’s great at picking the best, proven methods to uncover what, who and why your community thinks about your product or service.

Michelle’s trained in behavioural change science and can help your business uncover the best marketing tools for reaching your audience. The local advertising and marketing space is very “busy” – it’s important that you cut through the noise.

The only thing more powerful than your message is the ability to ensure it reaches your audience…and I love the psychology behind that.


Technical Consultant | Tim Baker

Tim is a jack-of-all-trades who is passionate about the idea of this collective. He’s currently an ICT professional who’s passionate about photography, audio projects, graphic design…and creativity in general.

As a fan of the arts, with a general curiosity for creation, Tim is an invaluable project resource with fantastic creative concepts. He’s also on the pulse of technological trends and the tools of many trades. Not to mention, Tim’s a silky baritone perfectly paired to audio scripts.


I don’t think there’s a specific role for me, but I’m excited about abandoning traditional specialisation. I love working with these guys and the business is what creative entrepreneurs need.